This App Will Help Develop Your Baby's Vision

Especially created for 1 to 12 month old infants. This app displays specifically designed graphic images that stimulates the areas of infant's brains concerned with vision. In addition it also provides the same type of stimulation for auditory abilities playing classical music and 57 foreign language samples.


Our Infant Vision Stimulation app offers multiple features that allow you to customize your baby's experience in viewing the images and the soundtracks of the app.

Choose Black or Red Graphic Images

Two sets of images in black and red. These are the two colors infants can see best.

View Full Set of Images or Subsets

Play the full set of images of each color or a subset of images. Customize the images to match your baby’s interest.

Choose Duration for Images

Choose the durations for displaying images. Find the one right for your baby. Times range from 3 second to 9 seconds.

Classical Music Soundtrack

Seven tracks include Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Vivaldi. Hearing music during infancy prepares babies to process and comprehend music later in life.

Foreign Language Soundtrack

This soundtrack includes language samples from 57 languages. Nine tracks to choose from. Hearing foreign languages during infancy will help them learn different languages later in life. 

Volume Setting

Set the volume of the soundtracks in this app in addition to using the volume setting on your device.


Vision Stimulation

This app provides visual stimuli through a passive system of presenting 60 visual patterns to the infant. The patterns are present in black and red and the patterns are made up of dots, lines and shapes.

Parents can select all of the patterns to run or can select specific groups of patterns such as dots, lines or shapes. They can also choose between black and red patterns. We have also provided a range of times for each pattern to be shown from 3 to 9 seconds. When parents observe that their infant is more attentive to dots than lines then they can select those patterns run in the app.

Auditory Stimulation

We also have chosen to provide auditory stimulation for infants by providing several segments of classical music to play along with the visual patterns. In later updates we plan to include spoken languages to play along with the images to further enhance auditory development for the infant.


Red and black images provide high contrast to facilitate infants developing vision. Image order begins with simple dots, lines, squares and moves to shapes and grades of colors. During the first 12 months the visual cortex of the brain is literally being programed with lines, angels, arcs, edges, intersections and shapes. The window for this development closes after 12 months and visual learning proceeds in different ways.

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